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Trailer Watch – Focus

Focus is directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa and follows Will Smith’s Nicky, a seasoned conman who hires a beautiful young apprentice in the form of Margot Robbie. He appears to school her in the ways of fraud and deception before the relationship turns sour. This is a very stylish first trailer with plenty of cinematic eye candy in the form of cars, locations and exquisitely tailored suits.

Just the right amount is teased too, a rarity in modern Hollywood marketing, leaving an intriguingly necessary number of questions unanswered, accompanied by the tasteful music selection of Emiliana Torrini’s “Gun”, a very cool choice.

Will Smith looks to be back in form as well, after the limp efforts in After Earth and Men in Black 3. He can be hugely charismatic and two Oscar nominations are not at all undeserved, so here’s hoping things work out for him and the film in Focus.

Margot Robbie showed great potential in The Wolf of Wall Street and looks to be an exciting member of the cast opposite Smith, though hopefully her role won’t be reduced to the hypersexualisation hinted at in the trailer.

Focus will be released in the UK on February 27th 2015.

Tom Welshman

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