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Trailer Watch – Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler is the directorial debut of Dan Gilroy and stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a desperate young man who begins to make a living out of filming crimes as they occur in a pseudo-journalistic fashion.

The trailer is intense to say the least. Gyllenhaal appears to be channelling the tormented introvert of Donnie Darko more than anything else, a character type with which he made his name and is undoubtedly highly proficient. Other cast members are relative unknowns.

The tone looks to be dark and heavy, perhaps with some gallows humour here or there. The music as well leans on the side of neo-gothic befitting the story, whilst the visuals contain echoes of urban nocturnal thrillers Collateral and Drive.

The whole package is intriguing; Gyllenhaal as a silent observer of violence and chaos, clearly later becoming too involved in a particular incident. Keep an eye on this one, it looks very good indeed.

Nightcrawler creeps into UK cinemas on October 31st.

Tom Welshman

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