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Trailer Watch – Tak3n

Bryan Mills is back, along with his ‘particular set of skills’, for one last time as the Taken franchise comes to a close. Framed for the murder of his wife, the trailer shows Mills (Liam Neeson) on the run from the police whilst hunting for his wife’s killers and trying to protect his daughter.

Departing from the ‘kidnapped’ scenarios of the first two films, Taken 3, or Tak3n for the sake of sophistication, sees Neeson on the wrong side of the law after his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen) is found dead in his home. After what looks like a pretty awesome escape, it’s time in typical Taken style to track down the bad guys and deal out Mills’ own brand of justice to Lenore’s killers.

This trailer offers the impression that the conclusion of the Taken trilogy will follow in the similarly intense vein of the other films. Expect explosions, gun fights and lots of Liam Neeson kicking ass. Being on the run will almost certainly bring out the best in Bryan Mills, hopefully digging deeper into the character than the previous instalments, whilst also dealing with a sizable body count.

Tak3n will be released in the UK on January 8th 2015.

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