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TV Review – American Horror Story: Freak Show, Episode 2

Welcoming us back into the twisted tale of Freak ShowAmerican Horror Story returns with “Massacres and Matinees“, as the county police feel they need to answer the public’s question: who is the mysterious killer that’s been terrorising their little town of Jupiter?

Warning: Spoilers follow!

The police are going out to fight against the freaks (Obviously! After all, who else could it be?), a battle whose only purpose is to exhibit their judicial strength. They arrive at the fair in order to search for the missing detective, and our Elsa sends them away telling that without a search warrant, there’s no chance that she’ll approve of them prying in their tents; “We are such easy targets. Aren’t we?” she demands.

In the meantime, we again meet our clown. It appears he’s on a mission, but we don’t really know the objective. He kills again, this time a toy maker from whom he steals a robot that runs on a spring, the spooky kind that leaves a trail of blood behind, you know…


On his way back to his prisoners, a woman stops him and offers him money in exchange for amusing her son, Dandy. We met Dandy in the first episode, “Monsters Among Us”, and mistakenly took him for a spoiled brat, while there’s actually a killer inside of him that wants to break free.

As with many youths affected by peer pressure, he desires to be like his new friend, who just happens to be the scariest clown in the world. So what did he do? He helps the clown catch his escapee prisoners and decides their fate, and by the looks of it, it’s going to be a very bad one.

We return to our freaks camp where we deal with two parallel storylines: on one hand we have our lobster boy, Jimmy, who wants to be treated like a regular human being, but his leadership of the freaks who decided to kill the detective prohibits such a privilege.

His attempts to prove to the town that they are normal thus fail. On the other hand, we have our Siamese twins that don’t deviate from most siblings in the world – they envy one another. One can sing and the other can’t.


The plot continues to tangle as it turns out that Dot sings better then Elsa, something that stirs up even greater strife between the sisters, as the competition is sought to be rid of.

Eventually we realise that Elsa is right about one thing, the police return to charge one of the freaks in the detective murder when he is actually innocent. Jimmy, the real killer, decides to confess in order to save his friend but it is too late. The police wanted to “close the deal” and sent our poor freak to solitary with other criminals, where it’s clear that he won’t escape his anticipated death.

Freak Show once again puts us in a perplexing predicament as we ponder to ourselves, “who are the real freaks?” A question craving an answer, until we get it we may suspect all inhabitants of Jupiter, where almost all could be willing to let their inner aberration out to play…

Naama Shinman



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