NSTV and Trent TV to Collaborate

The University of Nottingham’s Nottingham Student Television (NSTV) and Nottingham Trent’s Trent TV are to collaborate on daytime chat show, ‘The Panel’, which will give “students the lowdown on everything student life in Nottingham”. 

‘The Panel’ will be the first NSTV and Trent TV entertainment collaboration since 2011 when they produced the award winning ‘Inter Campus Cupids’.

Producer Joshua Rom told Impact: “What makes this show so unique is that we are set to make Student Television History by producing such a big project. This is first full series entertainment collaboration by two student television stations in the UK”.

The partnership of the two stations began in 2011 with the joint live broadcast of the 2011 Varsity Ice Hockey match between Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham from the Capital FM Arena. They have since collaborated on numerous sporting events.

Station Manager of Trent TV Becca Avill spoke of the new collaboration saying “Both stations are very proud to present this new collaboration and everyone from both stations has been working very hard to make this exciting project happen.”

Rory O’Shea, Station Director of NSTV, added “By collaborating with Trent TV again, not only are we producing innovative content but we are also opening up the demographic for a wider viewership so the station can have a greater presence in Nottingham as a whole.”

You can watch the promotional video here:

The first episode of ‘The Panel’ is due to air on Wednesday 26th November.

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