Playlist: Adding Some Music To Your Movember

It’s mid-Movember and the ‘staches are starting to come through full and thick. What better way to celebrate the fruition of facial hair than with some moustache related music?

Jimi Hendrix – ‘Machine Gun’

Whilst this twelve-and-a-half-minute epic starts with clean, whooshing guitar effects, Hendrix still brings the fuzz – the facial fuzz. Hendrix and co. replicate the sounds of war with wailing guitar solos and drum fills mimicking the crack of a machine gun, so it is only suitable that Hendrix continues to wear a wispy, hippyish ‘stache.

Pavement – ‘Cut Your Hair’

Originally written as an attack on the importance of image in the music industry, Pavement spend an awful lot of time talking about hair in their song. With lyrics including ‘darlin’ don’t you go and cut your hair’ and ‘chops a must’, it’s hard not to adapt it as an anthem for free facial-fuzz growth. Even if it might make you consider yourself a little pretentious.

Listener – ‘Wooden Heart’

Listener remain at the forefront of two very different but equally significant fields – creating deeply moving spoken-word rock music, and also rocking enviable flocks of facial fuzz. These twin achievements are no better exemplified than in the video which accompanied the release of their 2010 title-track single ‘Wooden Heart’, in which their thickly ‘stached frontman Dan Smith takes an axe to household furniture in a field and flicks his luscious locks about next to a lake. With eerie guitar riffs and poetic lyricism, Listener make clear the burden of brooding meditation that comes with moustache ownership.

Seth Macfarlane and the Million Ways to Die in the West Cast – ‘If You’ve Only Got A Moustache’

What better song to put on this playlist than a song about the advantages of having a moustache! Very funny as you’d expect from the Family Guy and Ted creator, and wonderfully voiced. A hilarious hoedown dedicated to the powers of having a moustache. Brilliant, however, possibly less serious than some of the other tracks…

Prince – ‘Breakfast Can Wait’

Prince can pull off any moustache. The guy looks effortlessly cool while portraying any persona, his music is funky and his performances are flamboyant: all of which are expected from ‘taches this month. If you’re participating in Movember have the confidence of Prince and you’ll pull off anything, no one questions Prince.

Lionel Richie – ‘Hello’

When it comes to moustaches, Lionel Richie’s thick, perfectly symmetrical facial hair is a winner. As far as love songs are concerned, he has stolen first place with ‘Hello’. The single from his mulit-platinum album Can’t Slow Down surged to number one for a reason: it’s catchy. If Lionel has taught us one thing,grow a moustache to serenade the ladies. We’d recommend listening to the love song rather than watching the video, the student-teacher relationship turns love song into weird and creepy serenading.

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