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Trailer Watch – Predestination 

Ethan Hawke appears to get some character expansion in this follow-up trailer to the upcoming science fiction thriller Predestination.

The start of the latest look seems to establish that The Bartender (Hawke) was horrifically scarred by a bomb set off by the movie’s main antagonist, The Fizzle Bomber. Performing some time travelling magic, The Bartender seems to prevent what scarred him and is now a temporal agent preventing crime before it can happen.

Opening with the dark question of ‘would you kill someone if you could get away with it?’ helps to create a morally questionable premise similar to that of 2013’s The Purge, also starring Hawke.

With a beautiful tick-tock underscore which plays in the background from start to finish, an excellent sense of urgency begins that climaxes at the end with fight scenes, gun battles and the final chimes resonating to gun shots from Ethan Hawke to an unknown target. This latest time travelling adventure should be well worth the wait.

Catch Predestination in cinemas early in 2015 (date TBC).

Glenn Tanner

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