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TV Review – The Flash, Season 1, Episode 4

This episode encapsulates the comic book and explodes it on to the small screen. Felicity Smoke (Emily Bett Rickards) and Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) steal this week’s addition of The Flash and make it the best one yet.

Warning: Spoilers follow!

As its title “Going Rogue” may suggest, this episode introduces us to The Rogues, who are a band of anti-heroes driven by greed but underpinned by some skewed moral compasses. We are introduced to The Rogue’s leader, Captain Cold, who threatens the Flash with his ice-ray gun, which can slow the fastest man alive to a frozen halt.

Wentworth Miller portrays Cold as a stern and calm individual who appears to be in control of the situation as well as the episode. He dominates the scenes he’s in and commands the character with power. Although our protagonist saves the day, he still is outmatched when Cold literally stops him in his tracks. Due to the fact that Barry is only alive because of his friends, we know Allen has a long way to go before he is capable of confronting Captain Cold once more.

The Flash 2

The return of Felicity Smoke to Central City is a pleasantry in itself for fans of The Flash’s sister show Arrow, as she has history with Barry in the previous season of the Emerald Archer. Despite adding in to the ever-growing love circle surrounding Barry Allen, Felicity becomes a key member for Team Flash in combating crime.

“Going Rogue” offered the most content in its one hour slot of the season

Felicity brings her humour with lines such as “I’ve hacked into [The S.T.A.R Labs satellite] from time to time”, with comfortable delivery and offers these hacking skills to comfortably sail the plot along. However, arguably the fan-favourite Felicity scene was the ending where Barry awkwardly runs on to the train to finally kiss the girl. Whilst this had the potential to reach the cheese zone, it was executed well and left the door nicely open if Felicity was to return for more crossover goodness. This will most likely happen when Arrow and The Flash have their crossover episodes later in the season.

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“Going Rogue” offered the most content in its one hour slot of the season with a brilliant scene exemplifying Barry’s speed when he saves the train full of innocent civilians. The producers are really amping up his abilities week by week and the enjoyment factor accelerates with his speed.

Furthermore, the ending to this episode allowed for the birth of The Rogues with Captain Cold hiring his ally Heatwave (Dominic Purcell), thus starting another story arc for the show. Finally, the teaser ending has only made the show’s fans more eager to witness the Prison Break duo of Miller and Purcell take on two legendary anti-heroes potentially later this season.


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