Advice: Coco Crisis on Christmas Fancy Dress

Got a nocturnal problem that won’t go away? Is what happened that night playing on your mind? Coco Crisis, Impact‘s resident night-out agony aunt is here to help. She’s the friend who will tell you how you really look in those jeans.

“Dear Coco Crisis, 

For my house’s Christmas night out I’m deliberating whether to go as a sexy snowman or a comedic, jolly santa. Obviously I’m on the pull. Which would be the better option? 

– Anon”

Dear Sexy Santa,

Oh dear. Using Christmas to pull? I can’t tell if this has come from a girl or a guy but either way this’ll apply to you: confidence is key. You could be dressed in a bin bag and still pull as long as you’re confident and positive. Note I don’t mean arrogant – you know who you are. If you’re unsure where the line lies I’d advise you to visit and look up both terms.

I feel you’d have more of a chance in the costume you feel most confident in (see … I’ve used this word three times so far for a reason!) If you feel a bit shy in a santa suit, maybe a bit silly and like you’d be apologising all night then don’t go for it. Go for the sexy snowman outfit if it makes you feel like the shit.  Go for what makes you feel happy because it’ll up your attitude! Obviously the jolly santa get up is a conversation starter… something to keep in mind!

On to the most shocking aspect of this question: “for my house’s Christmas night out” … woah. No no no getting with any housemates. It’s hard to avoid someone if you share the same fridge. So no matter how much you wanna pass around the holiday spirit … not with a housemate otherwise you’re going to have to write to me again very soon.

Hope you find that perfect, magical (and err sexy) Christmas outfit!


Coco Crisis

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