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Anti-Advent Calendar #1

Christmas. It’s a bit much, isn’t it? The month’s barely begun and we’ve already been bombarded with weeks of songs about drunk New Yorkers, adverts about sodding penguins and lists. Lists and lists and lists. So here at Impact Film & TV, we’re making our own list. An Anti-Advent Calendar, if you will. First up…

Abandon hope all ye who watch this film. Often referred to as the most twisted movie of all time – and truly deserving such an accolade – Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs is the perfect film to obliterate the holiday spirit this Christmas season.

Beginning like a typical revenge thriller gone wrong, as the teenage Lucie seeks vengeance on those that kidnapped and tortured her as a child, it certainly doesn’t end that way. Trying to learn the brutal truth of Lucie’s abduction, her childhood friend Anna uncovers a twisted and brutal world of religious torture cults.

Probing the depths of madness and depravity, Martyrs presents its sadism with shocking authenticity. But it’s not a film merely trying to shock and offend. It’s an engaging and unpredictable tale with a truly demoralising finale. Distributing and unforgettable, you wont leave Martyrs feeling good about yourself. The perfect antidote to Christmas cheer.

Sam Todd

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