Introducing: King TV

Merging garage-rock with the soft pop touch is an age old tradition- even superstars like Blur or The Strokes both started off a little ‘rough’. Looking at Merchandise’s transition into their new pop sound, or the recent success of Honeyblood and Paws, there currently seems to be a tide in garage bands making the move into the world of pop music.

King TV are no exception; their new EP might have been recorded in a shed but it would be perfectly acceptable to give it a spin at an indie-disco. ‘Don’t Wanna Go Home’ opens on rippling, lo-fi guitar, with quiet vocals adding only more to the classic 90’s sound of the track. Like a scuzzy Happyness, the band seem to have no problem with indulging in the sounds of 90’s icons (Pavement, Built To Spill, Dinosaur Jr. etc.), but are equally willing to give it their own softer edge.

The melancholy vocals in ‘Sanity’ sing like disheartened Julian Casablancas, reaching out for fan sympathy. While catchy guitar riffs in ‘Old Dayz’ could just as easily be a track off Wire’s Pink Flag.

‘I’m a scumbag, won’t you love me’ repeated as the final track’s chorus rings quite true of the band. They come across as a bunch of punks done good, who just want the public to love them. The EP’s a good listen, so they’ve got a shot at least.

Ian Fillingham

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