Music Advent Calendar #3: The Killers – ‘Don’t Shoot Me Santa’

Holding up the philosophy that Christmas music should not only be festive, but diverse, Impact has compiled a list of 25 ‘Christmas songs’ to take you through advent. Including not only songs which are indisputably part of the Christmas canon, but also straying into areas of music which holds looser links to the season. Starting with the tenuous and heading for the recognised classics, look no further for your advent soundtrack.

The Killers have never struggled to produce a decent Christmas song. A Great Big Sled, for instance, provides instantly accessible Christmassy goodness wrapped up in the bands’ trademark synth-pop-rock sound. Still, Don’t Shoot Me Santa is arguably their most interesting festive effort, telling the story of a bullying victim who eventually snaps.

With Ryan Pardey playing a trigger-happy and all around sadistic Father Christmas, Brandon Flowers pleads for his life, desperately trying to explain himself – “The children on the block, they tease me. I couldn’t let them off that easy. They had it coming. So why can’t you see? I couldn’t turn my cheek no longer”.

David Rowlands

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