Thou Student Will Survive #2

Thou Student Will Survive is a guide to university – with a difference. Through her personal experience of UoN life, Impact’s resident columnist Olivia shares her student commandments…

Thou tea towel does not count


Wrapping a tea towel around your head and claiming you’re a Shepherd doesn’t quite cut it I’m afraid. Nottingham students go all out for fancy dress so if you’re not going to do it properly just don’t bother. On a similar note one of my friends infiltrated Trent Ocean the other night. Boxers or some form of lingerie with a santa hat is also a no-go, although perhaps Trent students just don’t have quite the same imagination when it comes to fancy dress as Unay of.

Thou shall have basic kitchen appliances two months in…

11 Linnett Close
I don’t know what’s going on with our neighbours. Unfortunately, I’ve only ever had the pleasure of their real company after they invited me in after one night out. Sadly, this didn’t end too well as I accidentally trampled on the M&S cookies one of the boy’s mums had bought him. What kind of student has M&S anyway?! Since then its like I’m in an endless cycle of debt. It started with the doorbell ringing and one of them asked to borrow a cheese grater. The next time it was a sieve and after that ketchup despite the fact Sainsbury’s is two minutes away. I feel like my M&S slaughter entitles them to ask but since when do a house of boys not have one bottle of ketchup between them? And who makes it 10 weeks in without a sieve or cheese grater? Hopefully my debt will be over soon…

Thou must enjoy lots of pudding!


To any student that hasn’t been, you haven’t had a complete Nottingham experience until you go to the Pudding Pantry. It’s AMAZING. I went the other day and had a salted caramel brownie, Oreo cake and hot chocolate. The genius that decided to start up a place that only serves dessert should be very proud. Definitely worth a trip.

Thou will fight till the end for thy library place

Students Move In

So it’s finally the end of term… all your deadlines have somehow crept up upon you or you’ve got an exam or five. Come January it’ll be time for mission impossible: get your place at Hallward. For the ‘edgy ‘ crowd this is no problem, the Sky Lounge has them all a place waiting with their name on it. For the rest of us mere mortals, however, the struggle is real. There’s the option of arriving there before nine, which, for most of us students isn’t really an option. So, with this in mind the only option is to be ruthless. Eyes on the prize (a comfy four seater) and don’t let anyone beat you to it. They are as priceless as the TVs in Asda on Black Friday. Alternatively, if you can’t find a spot just sack off your work and relax in Mooch until you feel more up to fighting for your rightful place.


Olivia Hajialexandrou

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