New year STYLE Resolutions

New year, new you? We’re thinking New year, new style. 2015 is the perfect kick up the backside to revamp your personal style. Our contributors offered up their style resolutions for 2015… What are yours?




Ike: “Next year I really hope to incorporate more fun prints and accessories into my personal style, I really love the way an accessory can instantly transform an outfit and it’s an easy way to re-style the clothes I already own. I am currently obsessed with the look of prints, they can be worn throughout the year and just like a good accessory, they can re-invent your look.




Eli: “This year, I want to be more bold and try new and exciting colour combinations. I want to be more colourful when it comes to beauty and use bright pinks, fun oranges and bold reds to create a fresh look.”




Raphaela:”Despite having loved my short hair over the past two years I figured it was about time to let it grow again and if I’m honest I was getting a bit bored of it, too. So … 2015 will be all about hiding those infamous bad hair days. Which means a lot of hats, head scarves and headbands (and even more hairspray). I’m relying heavily on flapper girls, 70s bohemian Hippies and my all time favourite heroine: Carrie Bradshaw, to give inspiration.




Kimberley: “I’ve spent a long time wondering why I gravitate towards three main colours; black, navy and grey. Every shopping trip that starts optimistically, with the intention of embracing bright colours, patterns and prints ends in a similar fashion. Standing in the queue with yet another black ensemble in hand. Prints are fine and patterns are great – if they’re in my 3 favourite shades. Therefore, this year, I’ve decided to embrace it. All black everything never looks out of place. So if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”




Verity: “My style resolution is to dare to be more original with what I wear. I normally worry about wearing something if I haven’t seen anyone wearing it before, but recently I’ve been buying more things that none of my friends would really wear and I love it! I love looking at stuff bloggers wear and taking inspiration from that as they tend to be more quirky and wear things you might not normally think to put together. My current fave is Rachel Howard, she has fun with fashion, is daring, and also got me back into wearing colour when I typically stick to monochrome.”


Ike Denloye, Eli Todorova, Raphaela Ring, Kimberley Nyamhondera, Verity Sulway

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