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Trailer Watch – Better Call Saul

Who you gonna call? Um, someone called James Miguel apparently? After months of speculation, mysterious teasers and one cryptically worded country western song here, finally, we have our first proper look at AMC’s prequel spin-off to Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul.

As expected, Better Call Saul looks set to be, at least initially, a far lighter affair than its predecessor. Bob Odenkirk’s unsinkable lawyer Saul Goodman was always good for a laugh as a supporting character in Breaking Bad, and it appears as though not much has changed in that department as he comes into his own as a lead. There’s going to be plenty of entertaining scrapes for him to weasel himself out of, as well as an abundance of opportunities for him to use his trademark charisma and wit in the process.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t going to be any drama. There seems to be plenty of set-up in this extended trailer, including the introduction of the mysterious Chuck McGill, a bitter millionaire ousted by his own company. Oh and Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathon Banks) is back; that’s reason enough to watch it right there.

It won’t be Breaking Bad, but clearly it’s not trying to be, and that’s why this upcoming series looks like one to watch out for. Better Call Saul will premiere on AMC in the US on Febraury 8th, while Netflix will be hosting the series in the UK.

Andrew Sambell

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