A-Z of capital cities: Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a mighty city; the largest in the whole of the mid-western state of Indiana and known as the crossroads of America through its role as a hub for several interstate highways. The city is affectionately called ‘Indy’ by locals, has a population of over 800,000 and acts as a hotspot for motorsport enthusiasts thanks to an annual race called the Indianapolis 500 hosted at its motor speedway. 

Tourism is vital to Indianapolis’ economy, and many visitors can be seen floating around the city via fun methods of transport like Segways and pedalo boats, or gondolas on the city’s canal. These are perfect for exploring Indianapolis’ 6 unique cultural districts. Broad Ripple and Fountain Square are two of these districts, with the former being a trendy location known not only for its incredible nightlife and bars but also for its sprinkling of independent restaurants and cool boutiques. Fountain Square is similar, yet the vibe is different, boasting stunning European architecture and art galleries allowing visitors to easily spend an entire day immersed in creative juices.

For a scenic and relaxing way to experience the city, the Monon Trail is ideal. This is a 16 mile route that runs through Indianapolis that can be traveled by bicycle or foot. If the weather is good, you can head to Broad Ripple to jump on the trail, and keep going all the way to Downtown.


For something less taxing, Indianapolis offers an abundance of interesting brewery tours. Since 2009, and after the opening of Sun King Brewing, a handful of brewers have opened up their own breweries within the city. Many tour operators will pick you up right from your hotel and take you to a string of the best breweries in town over the course of a day, offering samples and cooling boxes along the way, to keep any purchases fresh.


For a more refined activity, the Indianapolis Museum of Art is excellent. This beautiful gallery not only boasts some amazing pieces from countless time periods, but is also free. The extensive collection makes it easy to spend hours wandering around, but don’t forget to head outside to the Art and Nature park; 100 acres of contemporary outdoor art placed within the grounds.


If you get a little peckish, the Lafayette Ethnic Food Corridor has some incredible culinary delights to quench your hunger pangs. Also known as the International Marketplace, the corridor is a large area of the city on the Westside near the speedway, and is cited as being home to the best ethnic food in the city. Far from the traditional meat loaf and mash potato that many of the older generations grew up on in Indianapolis, food from almost every corner of the globe can be found in the Lafayette area.

Indianapolis is a fun and vibrant destination, bursting with culture, scenic trails and unique art, meaning that wherever you go in the city, you’re guaranteed to experience something that will leave you itching to return time and time again. 

Caitlin Kelly 

Images courtesy of hibino,bnpositive, Doug Waldron, PunkToad and Eric Fischer via Flickr 

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