Eight Candidates Withdraw From SU Elections 2015

Eight candidates have withdrawn from the Students’ Union (SU) Elections 2015. There are now 60 candidates.

Sebastian Glen, was running for SU President; Sophie Evans, who was running for SU Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer; Zoe Adeniyi, who was running for SU BME Officer; Rebecca Hunt, who was running for SU Women’s Officer; Venu Katta, who was running for SU President; Christina Zygakis, who was running for SU International Officer; and Theodora Bakare, who was running for SU BME Officer, have withdrawn from this year’s SU Elections. The latest candidate to withdraw is Lina Zhang, who was running for SU BME Officer.

Zoe Adeniyi, former SU BME Officer candidate, told Impact: “I denominated myself because I got the opportunity to study abroad next year. I did not think I could fully commit to the role and do an amazing job as BME officer whilst being abroad for a semester”.

The list of candidates has therefore been amended as follows:


Angharad Smith
Ben Malone
Ed Keevil
Johnny Lawrence
Nicole Ocansey
Shusha Mandy
William Segrave

Activities Officer:

Andrew Jenkins
Harry Turnbull
Rob Jennings
Yaks (Yahya el Asmar)

Community Officer:

Luke Watkins
S. Wallace (djYB)
Sam Peake
Scott Jennings
Seb Bench

Education Officer:

Dan O’Connor
Daniel Rattigan
Matthew Woodward
Ollie Bridal
Robert Murdock
Serena Kohar
Yasmin Talsi

Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer:

Adda Pinzariu
Alison Ratcliffe
Aqeelah Malek
Kelly Clarke
Rob Clewlow
Sarah Pickup
Tom Roberts

Postgraduate Officer:

Cyrus Rahim
Elliott Denham

Sports Officer:

Aaron Watts
James Bramley
Joe Turner
Yolanda King

BME Officer:

Anjuli ‘Angel’ R K S
Esther Ezegbe
Nneka Keshi

Students With Disabilities Officer:

Molly O’Brien

Environment and Social Justice Officer:

Alexandra Jeffery
Frank Oxley
Toby Hunt
Tom Parker

International Students’ Officer:

Felix Preinfalck
Parmeshwar Bawa

LGBT Officer:

Alistair Boulter
Left Shark
Toby Lauder

Mature Students’ Officer:

Emma Scali

Women’s Officer:

Emma Ehrenberg & Emma Quaedvlieg
Flora Maier

Campaigning starts now. Voting will open on Thursday 5th March at 9am and results of the elections will be announced on the evening of Friday 13th March. Voting closes at 3pm on this day.

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