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It may be tucked away at the top of the Lace Market, but Rub Smokehouse and Grill has something to shout about: a new cocktail menu of 20 fun and inventive blends as well as 2 sharing options! These creations are big, theatrical and fun, just like Rub’s décor:  colourful primary school chairs stick to walls and megaphones sit above an open kitchen. Whether you’re out for a catch up with friends or its a first date kind of deal, these drinks are sure-fire conversation starters.

To ensure that you’re not left baffled at the bar, Impact Food went along to try before you buy. Here’s our lowdown on our top 5 cocktails and a wild-card sharer:

Papa Don’t Peach

Rub Cocktails 3

Skyy Vodka, Lemon Juice, Vanilla, Peach Syrup, Earl Grey Tea.

Beyond its clever wordplay, Papa Don’t Peach was without a doubt one of Impact Food’s favourites. Living up to Rub’s quirky style, it was presented in a metal tin can and decorated with two peach slices. It has a subtle, yet not an overpowering peach flavour, which would be best enjoyed along with a meal. Our verdict is that Papa Don’t Peach is sure to preach peach to anybody with any taste; there is nothing to dislike!



Red Stag Black Cherry, Luxardo amaretto, Pomegranate Juice, Orange Juice, Cherry Syrup, Angostura Bitter.

“WOW!” was our reaction when this 2-3 person sharer was placed upon our table with an actual rubber duck floating in an actual bathtub. If you are a fan of amaretto, then you will definitely fall in love with this! Although its £20 price tag is slightly steep for us students, we would still definitely recommend this cocktail on both its taste and individuality. It is no surprise that the talking point of our table was, “Where did they get that tub?!”


Rub Cocktails 5Smoke on the Water

El Jimador Blanco Tequila, Mahiki Coconut Liqueur, Almond Syrup, Agave Nectar, Rice Extract & Mango Juice.

As an upside down glass and rustic flask were placed before us upon a wooden slate, we were both impressed and intrigued by its presentation. The hint is definitely in its title as within the glass hides a sweet-smelling smoke, a delicate flavour which lingers with every sip. The drink itself is a must-have for any coconut lover, and its design will certainly break the ice at any family dinner or double date.


Rub Cocktails 4

The Coney Island Cooler

Haymans London Dry Gin, Cotton Candy Syrup, Lemon Juice, Strawberries & with actual Cotton Candy.

The Coney Island Cooler is a fairground of a drink, with an additional serving of candyfloss. Colourful in the glass and soft on the palate, this tall cocktail would be the perfect opener for an evening of celebrations. Despite appearances, any potential sickliness of the blend of strawberries and cream soda with cotton candy syrup is avoided by way of London Hayman’s gin and a squeeze of lemon. Impact Food’s verdict? A well-balanced drink for those who sit on the sweet end of the cocktail spectrum.



Mama’s Pecan Pie

Butter-Washed Wild Turkey 81, Black Treacle & Pecan Syrup, Lemon Juice, Cinnamon Bitters and Sweet Cream Foam.

Mama’s Pecan Pie is Rub’s answer to the motto: “There’s always room for dessert.” Even if it is in liquid form. The best recipes are those kept in the family and it was the homemade black treacle and pecan syrup that impressed us as the key to this smooth and sophisticated ‘afters.’

Rub Cocktails 6

Tennessee Inferno

Jack Daniels, Apricot Syrup, Naga Chilli Bitters, Lemon Juice & Soda Water. Served with a fiery finish.

Are you daring by nature? Is ‘spontaneity’ the buzzword for your evening? The Tennessee Inferno will satisfy those who prefer not to know what lies ahead. A blend of Jack Daniels, apricot syrup, lemon and soda water slips down instantly, before the Nagara chilli bitters add a throat-warming twist. Dangerously drinkable. What other surprises could your night present?

The new cocktail menu at Rub Smokehouse and Grill is worth its salt, or your pennies. An occasion in themselves, these drinks could be the perfect way to start or end your evening in Nottingham’s Lace Market. Alternatively, why not make an evening of it at Rub? We hear the kitchen serves up masterpieces, too…

Heather Corser and Lauren Wilson

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Image Credit: Lauren Wilson

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