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Trailer Watch – Hitman: Agent 47

The first trailer has just dropped for Hitman: Agent 47, starring Rupert Friend as the iconic Agent 47 from the ‘hit’ video game franchise Hitman, and it certainly appears to take a bit of a departure from that source material.

In the game the emphasise has always been to go for the stealthiest approach possible, ever striving for that perfect ‘Silent Assassin’ rating. Pretty sure a Helicopter bursting through a building and standing in the middle of an intersection blasting off double Berettas isn’t exactly silent.

That being said it is sometimes worth sacrificing elements of the source material provided the end result is an entertaining movie. From this first two and half minute clip it certainly looks like that what we are is in store for. Definitely being marketed as an action movie, Hitman Agent 47 looks to have enough cool fight scenes, badass lines and slow motion to feed the appetite of action junkies everywhere.

What doesn’t look like the greatest film ever still looks like fun time at the theatre. Find out 28th August 2015.

Glenn Tanner

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