Impact on the Campaign Trail: Day 6

At the beginning of the second week of campaigning, spirits are still high among candidates for this year’s student elections.

Presidential candidate Ed Keevil spoke to Impact whilst campaigning in Portland Building today: “I’m really enjoying the process. Last week I was a bit stressed but it’s a lot of fun getting out there and meeting students”.

Ed Keevil

Ed also explained that although he wasn’t “feeling confident” because “all the candidates are so strong”, he has had a positive response from students who have said he’s “really nice” and have “really liked his policies”.

His final message for students thinking about voting was: “Have a look at the manifestos and vote for the person you think will do the best job”.

Sarah Pickup, an Equal Opportunities and Welfare candidate, was also seen campaigning outside Portland reception. She spoke to Impact about her campaign, saying it had been “really, really fun” despite having originally been “really nervous” when watching all of the other candidates campaign earlier last week.

Sarah Pickup

She said that the “adrenaline” has kicked in and has made her realise she “needs to be on top of her game, just like everyone else is”.

Sarah also feels that her campaign has had a positive response from students so far: “It’s been so encouraging talking to people who have said ‘oh, you’re Sarah, I recognise you from the photos’, so it’s going well”.

Despite not feeling “completely confident”, Sarah emphasised that she does not feel “completely out of her depth” and believes that results will be “very tight because there a lot of really great candidates”.

If she could give a final message to students who are considering voting, it would be: “Just get involved, it really does make a difference to everybody, no matter what the role is or what your interests are. It really does impact your university, so have a look and find out what you want to change”.

Activities candidate Rob Jennings, Equal Opportunities and Welfare candidate Rob Clewlow and Sports candidate Aaron Watts were also campaigning in and around Portland building.

Tamsin Parnell

Images: Tamsin Parnell

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