Impact on the Campaign Trail: Day 7

Lots of candidates were campaigning as usual outside Portland Building today. 

Angharad Smith was not present as she was visiting the Derby campus, but her campaign team had set up a stall outside the Portland Building. Her team told Impact, “Angharad wants to be here for the people, she is all about transparency”. Her stall had a mind map drawn on it, with students writing what they wanted out of their SU.

Angharad’s campaign team told Impact, “she doesn’t care who wins, as long as there is a change. She doesn’t need to be elected to make a change, she can change things just with the work she is already doing”.


Rob Jennings for Activities was also campaigning outside the Portland Building as Rob was also on Derby campus reaching out to the satellite campuses. The campaign team told Impact, “we feel like we’re running ourselves! It’s tiring but we’re doing it because we believe in him”.

They added, “Rob is tired and a little bit nervous, same as everyone else. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster for all of us, actually!”


James Bramley’s campaign team were outside the New Theatre singing a chant about James’ campaign. The lyrics are as follows:

“Give me votes on the portal, vote for Bramley. Give me votes on the portal, for sports. Give me votes on the portal, vote for Bramley. Vote for Bramley when you vote for sports!”


University Radio Nottingham (URN)’s coverage of the elections includes a new mini-series of videos called ‘The Candidate’. A fictional look at the elections process, the series is an Apprentice-style programme following stereotypical elections candidates, such as the joke character, the student politician and the ‘lad’.

A screen-grab from tonight's episode of 'The Candidate'

A screen-grab from tonight’s episode of ‘The Candidate’

‘The Candidate’ was launched last night and can be watched on Youtube from 6.30pm every night on URN’s channel urn1350. Tonight’s episode sees the candidates set their first task, where they have to find and negotiate for a good price everything they will need for their campaign, including the essential sweets and banners.

Beth Rowland

Images: Beth Rowland

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