Impact on the campaign trail: Penultimate day

The penultimate day of campaigning was one of the quietest. Only a few candidates were seen to be campaigning outside of Portland and whilst the banners still hang, there were none to be found outside of Hallward.

By 8pm 9257 students had voted constituting a 27.9% turnout so far. An increase from 3.30pm when 8471 students had voted, approximately a quarter of the student body.

For the second year in a row Geography is in the lead at this point with over 45% turnout with Psychology not far behind followed by Politics and International relations in third place. The school of education boasts the lowest turnout with just 5%.

Southwell Hall on Jubilee campus has the highest turnout in terms of halls with approximately 65% of students followed closely by Willoughby and Hugh Stewart on University Park with 60%.  Trailing far behind with just over 10% turnout is Farthings in Raleigh Park.

On average competition seems fairly even with most halls exceeding 40% turnout however, with University Houses lagging behind hitting between 20-30% voting turnouts.

Campaigning was subdued today and banners still hang all over the campus, the most notable advertising being James Bramley’s familiar green apple logo tied to trees, the numbers of campaigners were less than usual.

The campaigning presence was strongest outside of Portland where the candidates seemed excited but tired.

James’ campaign team told Impact that, “It’s slowed down a bit now. We’ve still got a big presence out on campus though which I think is quite important in these last twenty four hours”.


Overall, they said that they felt that campaigning was going really well. As did Yaks (Yahya El Asmar) campaigning for Activities Officer. He told Impact that campaigning has been really good and that, “It’s been fun but I am getting a bit tired out”.

Both Yaks and Dan Rattigan, campaigning for Education Officer, both stressed how important it was to get out and talk to the students directly.


Dan said that mornings were a tough part of campaigning. “It’s quite stressful, but it’s going well”.

He pointed out that by this stage most people will have already voted and may just be voting for one role or simply for the president.


Voting closes tomorrow at 3pm.

Hannah Eves

Images: Hannah Eves

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