Musicality’s The Producers @ Nottingham Arts Theatre

Musicality’s long-awaited production of The Producers opened tonight at the Nottingham Arts Theatre. The musical concerns two Broadway producers who scheme to get rich by cheating money out of a bunch of old, wealthy ladies. As the story unfolds, humour and sass leave the audience laughing with tears and clapping with joy. From tap dancing to glitter to Ben Standish’s outstanding performance, Musicality return with even more attitude, wowing the audience once again after their triumphant hit with Phantom of the Opera last year!

Kudos to the talented ensemble. Not only did they deliver a high-spirited performance but it also was a convincing display of the exceptional ability of the cast. Energy was high throughout, and the chorus and individual singing was done with an abundance of talent. Moreover, not to forget was the excellent work of the live orchestra in which the conductor would, at times, join in with the actors on stage. This was such a brilliant idea and instantly added an extra layer of humour to the show.

Energy was high throughout.

A musical cannot work without amazing choreography and I am quite sure in saying that Luke Emery’s work showcases the great physicality of each dancer. With every tap of the foot and every fling of the arm, the dancers squeezed their last gush of energy to deliver a performance to the audience that was unbeatable by any other. Another mention goes to the female dancers who constantly swapped their roles between grey-haired ladies and passionate dancers. Their marvelous play created a lively mix of quirkiness and, of course, Broadway dazzle. At the other end of the ensemble was Standish’s fantastic comedy play of Max Bialystock, a former Broadway King. The actor sang with great confidence that no doubt lifted the entire show to an even higher level of energy and standard. Particularly remarkable was his masterful interpretation of ‘Betrayed’, killing it flawlessly just as he did  in the overall performance.

The dancers squeezed their last gush of energy to deliver a performance to the audence that was unbeatable.

The comical lead’s partner in crime, Oliver Smith, delivered another excellent interpretation of Leo Bloom, a neurotic accountant. Coupled with his romantic partner Ulla, played by Olivia Ford, it formed a powerful duo on stage. With grand jet flying up so high, she delivered a technically demanding performance to absolute perfection. The Producers was a massive showcase of talent and creativity from both cast and creative team. The set and background were done in a resourceful and creative fashion, but this did compromise transitions between some scenes, which were slightly longer than expected due to the limited space on the stage.

Regardless, this by no means undermined the high-spirited performance of the cast. The Producers, by our very own Musicality, is a brilliant stroke of genius and spectacle that will leave you smiling and singing along to ‘Keep it Gay’ all night long!


Malena Wong

‘The Producers’ is on at Nottingham Arts Theatre from Wednesday 11th March until Saturday 14th March. For more information see here.

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