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Trailer Watch – Frozen Fever

Guess who’s back? Yeah! Its the gang that never left!

The creators of Frozen have brought us a short film called Frozen Fever, with all your favourite characters as they prepare the best party ever for Anna’s birthday! The movie is expected to last seven minutes and has managed to get the same voicing cast as the original. Not only are we treated to the obvious fan favourites like Olaf and Sven but we also get a glimpse at the return of Oaken and even Marshmallow.

In this trailer, we also get a teaser of a new song that is inevitably going to get stuck in our heads…

Due to the short nature of the… short, Disney has made the clever decision to have it released as a short before any screenings of the new live action Cinderella film, which is coming out on March 27th here in the UK.1

Prerana Srungaram

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