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Trailer Watch – Infinitely Polar Bear

Infinitely Polar Bear is Maya Forbes’s latest release, and stars Mark Ruffalo as Cam, a man suffering with bi-polar disorder and depression who is estranged from his wife and children.

The film documents Cam’s attempt to get his family back into his life and the roadblocks that he faces along the way. Although the trailer doesn’t give too much away, there is a familiar mixture of slapstick comedy, romance and catharsis on the menu.

Ruffalo’s Oscar-nominated turn as a similar father figure in The Kids Are All Right demonstrated that he can do this dance very well indeed. The added ingredient of mental illness will no doubt be a challenge for the actor, but his recent work in Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher hints at an impressive arsenal of acting ability. Comparisons will doubtlessly be made with Silver Linings Playbook and one hopes that Ruffalo’s exploration of disability achieves a similar balance of humour and respect.

Tom Welshman 

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