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Trailer Watch – Pixels

The first trailer for action-comedy, Pixels, pits Adam Sandler against an onslaught of alien invaders.


Well, as explained in the trailer, in 1982 NASA sent a time capsule into space containing classic video games. Donkey-Kong, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders are just some of the beloved characters that an alien species has replicated and now intend to use to take over the world.

Adam Sandler comedies haven’t been as successful as they used to be as of late, but with such an intriguing concept there is hope for him to redeem himself. Joining Sandler this time is The Wedding Ringer star Josh Gad and the Game of Thrones fan favourite Peter Dinklage.

Coming out in summer this year the film will be a spectacle. The special effects appear spectacular and that’s just from the trailer. It should all look excellent on the big screen. Despite being a comedy that will definitely have more than a few cheesy moments at least it’ll look nice.

Find out August 12th.

Glenn Tanner

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