Varsity Dodgeball Match Report: UoN 13-1 NTU

UoN Dodgeball added a third Varsity Series win for the green and gold after beating Trent 13-1 at NTU’s Clifton Campus on Tuesday afternoon.

In a performance that would make Dodgeball legend Patches O’Houlihan proud, UoN delivered yet another dominant victory to extend their Varsity lead to 3-0 ahead of the lacrosse and futsal events on Tuesday evening.

In dodgeball, two points are given if you have more players after three minutes and a point to each team if the amount of players is tied. The match started off hot for UoN as they stormed out to an early 8-0 lead during the first four matches.

Superb play from Emily Walker also helped rally the team in any tough times

UoN exploited a couple of key catches early on when down in players and demoralised the Trent team. Superb play from Emily Walker also helped rally the team in any tough times, as she had some of the best dodges of the day.

After the quick start, Uni of sailed the rest of the way to a 13-1 victory as the most Trent could muster up was a draw in one of the seven face-offs. Green and gold fans and players alike celebrated victory in the first ever Varsity Dodgeball game.

Captain and president Lawrence Seatree told Impact after the match: “We were the favourites, so there were more nerves going in. It was a relief to win and to win well.”

Varsity continues on Tuesday with lacrosse and women’s and men’s futsal, before the big ice hockey showdown at the Capital FM Arena on Wednesday night.

Ben Harrison

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