5 Reasons to Try Student Night @ Nottingham Playhouse

Sick of £1.50 jägerbombs and sticky floors? Need a night out with friends that’s not in a club? Nottingham Playhouse’s Student Nights are new and exclusive events that happen just once for selected performances, and include a complementary cocktail, discounts at the bar, themed VIP areas (with food) – all for £10.

So far, The Mermaid, Beautiful Thing and Posh have hosted Student Nights, all of which have been extremely successful. If you’re happy to spend £25 on a night out in Ocean or Forum, why not give the new Student Night at Nottingham Playhouse a try?


1) Quality plays: The Nottingham Playhouse is not, as rumour would have it, an amateur theatre. Performances are produced by the Playhouse and tour nationally – including the West End! You can except to leave the theatre satisfied after a superb show.

2) Quality education: If you’re lucky, a completely free post-performance discussion will be on offer and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak to the actors and directors involved in the production.

3) Value for money: For just £10, the Nottingham Playhouse will provide tickets to a professional performance; ensure you and your friends are seated with a good view; give you a delicious alcoholic beverage; provide a themed and decorated VIP area for seating before the play; and offer student discounts at Cast’s bar.

4) Quality venue: The café/bar area is perfect for socialising and mixing with other Nottingham university students in a stylish venue, without having to shout above the music. What’s more, heading into town ensures you avoid experiencing campus cabin fever during the stressful exam season.

5) Quality alcohol: Each ticket comes with a selection of themed, beautifully presented alcoholic drinks in sumptuous flavours. Considering that one drink in Coco Tang costs about £7, paying £10 to see a theatre production and drink quality beverages is not that bad.

Tempted? Then, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets for the next Student Night on the 2nd of June for the dark and totally Irish comedy, A Skull in Connemara, on: 01159419419 (Box Office).

Vicky Lorriman

Image credited to Barbara Rich via Flickr

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