Japanese food is having a moment, and we can completely understand why! Little picturesque rice rolls filled with vegetables, fish or meat deliver a tingle of fresh flavours and whether they’re made with a kick of spice or more subtler seasonings, eating sushi is a fun, tapas-like experience that appeals to almost any palate. Chains like Wagamama and YO! Sushi have made this cuisine more accessible, but you don’t have to break the bank to get your fix. Crafting your own sushi at home is cheap, fun and satisfyingly delicious!

 Easy Sushi Rolls:

Makes 3 rolls

– Sushi rice

– Nori sheets (to be found in your nearest Oriental supermarket)

– Cucumber

– Tuna

– Soy sauce

– Wasabi (optional)

  1. Decide on your fillings! Cucumber is a classic but other vegetables such as red pepper and avocado are delicious, and spring onion adds a nice kick. These should be sliced thinly. Tuna or salmon are traditional, but you could use strips of fried chicken or tofu.
  2. Put your sushi rice in a saucepan (a normal portion of rice makes two to three rolls) and pour in water, making sure there is just a bit more water than rice. Place it on a high heat, stirring every minute or two until the water boils. Then lower the heat to minimum, stop stirring and after 6-8 minutes it should be ready.
  3. Place your nori sheet on a bamboo sushi mat (or teatowel!) Spread a thin layer of rice over the nori, and press down with the back of a wet metal spoon.
  4. Arrange a small amount of your fillings in a line along one edge of the rice roll.
  5. Roll it up, nice and tightly. This is easier with a sushi mat or teatowel, and if you’re feeling nervous, you can find handy tutorials such as this one on Youtube!
  6. With a sharp, wet knife, slice your sushi roll into pieces.
  7. If it’s not too pretty to eat, dip into soy sauce and wasabi, and enjoy!

 Emily Howard

Image Credit: Emily Howard

Slider Credit: kana hata via Flickr

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