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Following the epic-scale feature as seen in the last issue (#236) of IMPACT, our writers bring you an even larger group of even more varied cinematic cogitations, from the history of the blockbuster to far reaches of film history with the first animated feature and German Expressionism. Below are the clickable contents of this monumental feature. Get reading, get watching, get loving…


The First Feature Animation

The Legacy of Snow White

by Laura Williamson

“Snow White really wouldn’t have had the same effect with Deafy, Hickey and Baldy would it?”


The Big 5 Studios

The Golden Age Of The Studio System

by A.F. Dean

“By the middle of the Golden Age, the top studios controlled 95% of the market. As remarked in The Aviator (2004), ‘nobody but nobody makes a film outside a studio!'”


Evolution of the Blockbuster

From Sharks to Smurfs

by Alex Nicholson

“…nowadays, superhero behemoths like Avengers Assemble dominate our screens, making the humble viewer fear that money is what matters to the industry.”

The Brat Pack

Don’t You Forget About Them

by Prerana Srungaram

“…the group often appeared together in coming-of-age movies during the decade, sticking together in ‘the ensemble spirit’, as if they were the only kids willing to participate in the school plays.”


Dogme 95

Back to Basics with the Enfants Terribles of European Cinema

by Liam Inscoe-Jones

“…it was also critically lauded, and ground-breaking for its complete reliance on digital cameras, but introduced a common and unwritten rule of the movement: controversy…”



The New Hollywood?

by Madz Abassi 

“Any attempt to truly compare Indiewood features to blockbusters is redundant… it’s like comparing a fridge to a freezer…”


German Expressionism

From Caligari to Insidious

by George Driscoll

“…cinema was a depiction of real life and films would be pretty dull currently without an expressionist flare to influence them.” 


Monster Movies

The Politics of the Creature Feature

by Henry Stanley

“With Godzilla made in Japan, it is evident these fears of potential effects of nuclear testing were not just of concern in Western civilisation but a much more global scale.”

The Oscars

The Self-Aggrandising Ceremony

by Imane Lamime

“Basically, award-winning actors are thanking those actors who voted for them.”

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