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Trailer Watch – Absolutely Anything

“I can make things happen, all I have to do is wave my hand”. Absolutely Anything is an upcoming sci-fi comedy about a group of extra-terrestrials, played by the Monty Python crew, who plan on destroying the Earth unless one human being can use absolute power for good. But who will they choose?

Well, none other than Neil Clarke (Simon Pegg), who uses his new powers to; make his dog talk, become president of the USA and even make the dead rise (a reference that immediately brings Shaun of the Dead to mind). Featuring some of Britain’s finest comedians such as Eddie Izzard and Sanjeev Bhaskar, Absolutely Anything is also the final movie to feature Robin Williams who plays the talking dog called Dennis, who from first look will most likely be the star of the movie.

In terms of becoming a hit, it probably won’t break any records at the box office, but let’s hope it becomes the send-off that the late great Robin Williams deserves – a movie that makes people laugh.

Catch Absolutely Anything at UK cinemas from August 14th.

Luke Norman

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