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Trailer Watch – The Strain, Season 2

The Strain is back for a second season, and after the end of its inaugural chapter last year which left the audience with more than one question unanswered, this new trailer reveals there is going to be some new challenges with the whole of the city infested with the race of vampires. If you haven’t seen the first series but like the look of the second, worry not as there is plenty of time to catch up between now at the new season premiere.

After the disappointing reveal of The Master in season 1, it seems as if these new thirteen episodes will help bring the series to its A game, with amazingly improved special effects combined with some chillingly real makeup artistry when it comes to the infected shown in this first look trailer.

It seems Abe and his gang have not given up on the fight against The Master, and the seriousness of the problem is highlighted when the quote ‘’we’re gonna take back this island, one block at a time’’ is voiced over a shot of the overrun city that says otherwise. The show too seems to be keeping the same amount of blood curdling horror and non-stop action in one cohesive aesthetic just as was so successful in its first season.

The Strain, Season 2 will premiere this summer on an unspecified date.

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