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Short Focus – Pixar’s Lava

It’s a well-known fact that if it doesn’t have a Pixar short at the start, it’s not a proper Pixar film. Inside Out is no different, accompanied by its own short entitled Lava. Lava is the story of two volcanoes that know each other are nearby but sadly cannot see one another. The whole short is a musical by an external singer and puts you in a really happy mood before the main theatrical event.

However, the design of the two volcanoes (Uku and Lele) left me very confused. Uku (the male volcano) is a typical example of Pixar’s ‘make the object and stick a face on it’ (see Cars) which works really well and is a proven hit for fans. Conversely, Lele (the female volcano) is a volcano that is shaped like a human and sadly doesn’t work very well compared with the better design of Uku.


Compared to Pixar’s usual high standard shorts such as Geri’s Game and One Man Band, Lava is a very weak production, spoon feeding the plot instead of allowing the viewer to use their own imagination to figure it out themselves.


Luke Norman

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  • Anonymous
    2 August 2015 at 14:56
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    It’s totally awesome

  • Amy Snow
    3 August 2015 at 01:50
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    Dude, is your heart made of stone?You threw the baby volcano out with the bath water over a technically. This was a beautiful and moving short.

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