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Trailer Watch – Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip

This trailer watch offers something a little bit different. Some of the Impact Film & TV contributors have given their thoughts on the trailer rather than a usual write up. 

“Do you like your favourite pop songs murdered using high pitched autotune? Do you like the same jokes over and over and over again? Yes? Then you’ll love this fourth instalment of the chipmunks franchise.” – Luke Norman

“The biggest tragedy isn’t that this franchise has reached film four, but that it’ll still do better than The Human Centipede 3” – Tom Watchorn (You can check out said review here.)

“This makes me cry.” – Henry Stanley

“This film will change your life.” – George Driscoll

Safe to say, this film will have a remarkable impact upon the cinematic scene and the public will be ecstatic in the knowledge that the ‘Munks are back for another adventure, which will really hit the high notes.

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