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Trailer Watch- Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Fresh from San Diego’s Comic Con comes a brand new look at Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman, the Batcave, Robin, Kryptonite, and the body of General Zod, are just a few easter eggs that this trailer revealed.

Easily the most powerful scene is the one that seems to be the catalyst for this iconic confrontation. The same fight between Zod and Superman in Man of Steel is shown, but this time from the perspective of Bruce Wayne. The fear and anguish portrayed by Ben Affleck, as Zod’s heat vision rips his skyscraper apart, adds so much weight to what is usually considered inconsequential destruction in superhero movies.

Man of Steel destroyed the city, Batman v Superman is set to explore the consequences of that.

Be prepared for the cinematic experience that will be Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – Coming 25th June 2016.

Glenn Tanner

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