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Trailer Watch – Goosebumps

The brand new trailer for Goosebumps has just surfaced. If Jurassic World and Terminator Genisys are being called sequels that nobody wanted then surely this is a film nobody asked for.

Regardless, this is bound to breathe some new life into the hit 90s T.V. and book series, in which monsters literally jump off the pages of books, written by the horror writer R. L. Stein (Jack Black).

Together with his daughter, Hannah (mini Mila Kunis), they must return the monsters to the books that Zach (Dylan Minnette) unwittingly opened, unleashing them on the world.

Three things to take from this trailer?

The CGI looks pretty good, Jack Black makes a welcome return to mainstream cinema, and the gnomes look like they are going to be pretty funny. Other than that it is your average child/teen adventure movie.

Find out 5th Feburary 2016.

Glenn Tanner

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