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Trailer Watch – Spectre

Bond is back in the 24th instalment of the franchise and this time he goes rogue as he comes face to face with an organization classic fans will know well.

The trailer suggests a celebration of all things Bond as it contains plenty of references to the previous of films. Firstly, the solo outing of George Lazenby’s Bond (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) gets a couple of nods in the form of the music used and secret ski lodge base. Next, at the very start of the trailer is a Day of the Dead festival in Mexico City which harkens back to similar parades in Thunderball and Live and Let Die. Bond also seems in trouble with M and looks to go out on his own, a very similar plot to Licence to Kill. It’s very clear that Sam Mendes is a huge Bond fan.

Finally, is it just me or does Christoph Waltz’s suit look very Blofeld styled? Now I know it has been stated many times that his character is not Blofeld (Bond’s arch rival in the early Sean Connery films) but it seems that we are being teased with the idea even if it isn’t true. Whether or not Waltz is Blofeld, the film still looks full of excitement, surprises and nods to classic bond at its best.

It’s finally time to meet the sinister organization when Spectre opens in UK cinemas on 26th October.

Luke Norman

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