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Trailer Watch – The Bad Education Movie

Three series of this BBC comedy obviously weren’t enough for Jack Whitehall, as the ‘posh boy comic’ reprises his role as useless teacher, Alfie Wickers, in The Bad Education Movie. Joined by series regulars Matthew Horne as Fraser, headmaster of bantercademy and Sarah Solemani as Alfie’s crush Rosie, many of the regular cast members also make an appearance – alongside Ser Jorah Mormont/Iain Glen, taking a break from Game of Thrones, to appear as a stereotypical Cornwall farmer (ooh-arr).

Featuring Whitehall’s trademark brand of comedy, with some cracking one liners apparent even in the trailer, (a personal favourite being ‘If I don’t get out of here alive, tell Rosie I love her…oh, and delete my internet history’), The Bad Education Movie looks like it could be the trip many of us wished we went on at school. Travelling to the land of inbreeding, Cornish pasties and clotted cream, Alfie and his wayward class create havoc, teabag swans and appear to cause national panic – probably caused by Jack Whitehall’s half-naked zipwire attempt.

With Entertainment Film Distributors, who handled box-office smash The Inbetweeners Movie’s release also handling this, let’s hope Alfie’s antics prove to be as equally entertaining and successful when the film comes out on the 21st August.

Amy Wilcockson

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