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Film Review – Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Bearing in mind this new release is the fifth instalment in the series, it would be easy to think that the franchise should have fizzled out by now, ready to be put down like a dog that has lived its life to the fullest. However, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation completely flips this presumption on its head and continues to prove that Tom Cruise is still the action king of Hollywood.

Similar to the previous Missions, the action and cinematography is fast, fun and slick with enough energy injected into each sequence to make sure you are never bored throughout. The core ingredient in this movie is inevitably its action. Put simply, the action is beautiful, with arguably five or more individual action sequences in entirely different settings and locations. Whereas many other blockbusters bow down to the belief that a film should have a large story build-up climaxing at an extensive action set piece in one location, Rogue Nation refuses to settle in one place and takes the audience to a number of fantastic locations with outstanding scenery to ensure high-octane adventures that are unique and original. One particular action sequence involving multiple snipers in a standoff is choreographed so intricately I found myself genuinely on edge due to the immense suspense.

The story and directing, by the fantastic Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual SuspectsJack Reacher), shows Ethan Hunt returning as ‘rogue agent’ attempting to take down the syndicate whilst avoiding the CIA. Whilst it may initially seem a lot to consume, the plot of the film is extremely well scripted and takes few liberties in giving the viewer any prediction in how the film will end. In traditional Mission Impossible style, the fast-paced action scenes are well balanced with the appropriate level of humour to ensure a light-hearted tone is retained throughout whilst also guaranteeing it doesn’t enter the risk filled genre of comedy-action.


If you were not a fan of the previously scrutinised and overdone romance storylines you will be pleased to know Rogue Nation throws away such traditions and introduces you to the relatively unknown Rebecca Ferguson. She has a completely believable reluctant-but-necessary chemistry with Cruise and also replaces convenient and unrealistic gadgets with clever planning and courage. On a final note Cruise still maintains his finesse and gravitas as the A-list Hollywood action hero, maintaining his demand that he does most of his own stunts. This can be seen in the heart-wrenching scene where Cruise is holding on for life on the wing of a plane flying 1.5km off the ground.

Overall, this is a highly-entertaining movie, packed with stunning action and mesmerising scenery from across the globe. Without a doubt this is one of the best movies of 2015 and quite possibly the best in the franchise so far.


Aydin Emsley

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