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Trailer Watch – Deadpool

Leaked during Comic Con a few weeks ago, the full Deadpool trailer has finally arrived in all its F-bomb dropping glory.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is dying from cancer. To prevent his death, he must become something new, something very new: Deadpool – ‘the merc with a mouth’. If you thought superhero films were for kids, think again.

You might be thinking ‘Wait – didn’t we see Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins? The scarred one with no mouth?’ Though not untrue, this version of Deadpool was not the beloved comic book character. This first look shows us that Ryan Reynolds’ take will be a lot more faithful to the original, complete with foul language and fourth wall breaking tendencies.

Highlights of this first trailer include an appearance of one of the X-men, metal skinned Colossus, Deadpool’s signature explicit use of the English language and, of course, Ryan Reynolds poking fun at his own suit from DC’s Green Lantern.

Personally, I think Deadpool looks fantastic and as a fresh, much more adult addition on the superhero genre, should hopefully appeal to a wider audience than the dedicated Marvel fans.

Get ready for the most foul mouthed superhero around – Deadpool hits cinemas 12th Feburary 2016

Henry Stanley

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