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Impact Film & TV: What’s on in Nottingham?

Welcome to a new term at UoN. Sometimes, life needs a bit of cinematic entertainment. Be it a post-Ocean Saturday or a stressful Wednesday night, we all occasionally need to escape into the world of cinema. Impact Film & TV have got you covered: here’s where you can get that much needed cinematic fix.




The Silver Screen

The university’s mainstream film society. The Silver Screen meet weekly, showing the most recently released blockbuster films, as well as regular pub quizzes, cinema trips, and film marathons.


Membership is £3 and after that, all screenings are £1. For non-members, screening are £2.50 each. Screenings occur every Tuesday at 7.00pm in Hallward.

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The Silver Screen are running FREE screenings THIS week:


Wednesday 23rd September

Fast and Furious 7


Keighton Auditorium


Thursday 24th September

Kingsman: Secret Service


Hallward Screening Room

WAM (Western Animated Media)

Love Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and all things animated? Then this is the film society for you. Screenings are bi-monthly and include animated classics and new releases, as well as bar crawls and socials.

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WAM are running a FREE screenings this week:

Monday 21st September 



Keighton Auditorium

Dark Celluloid

Showing a wide range of classic, cult, foreign, arthouse, and indie films, Dark Celluloid is the society to see those hard-to-find classics.

Membership is £3 and after that, all screenings are free. For non-members, screenings are £1 each. Screenings occur every Sunday at 7.00pm in either Hallward or C11, Portland.

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Dark Celluloid are running a FREE screening THIS WEEK

Monday 21st September

Time Bandits


Keighton Auditorium


Nottingham Student Television offers students, regardless of ability, access to hands on experience in dozens of roles, working with quality equipment, excellent software, and training in film production.


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Impact Film & TV 

Ever fancied having your view published on an award winning website? Love discussing and writing about film and television with other like-minded people? With both the Impact website and magazine to fill, there are plenty of opportunities for writers of all cinematic tastes. No experience is needed. If you’re interested, pop by the Impact office on the C floor of Portland or come along to our sign up day 1st October in the West Concourse Lounge.







Location: 233 Derby Road, NG7 1QN

Student Ticket price: £4.30

A short walk from campus and at the heart of Lenton is the Savoy, the university’s cheapest and most popular cinema.  With a freshly refurbished bar upstairs, classic décor, and couple seats in the biggest of its four screens, the Savoy puts on a selection of the latest blockbusters and some special releases, and is the most frequented of the Nottingham cinemas by students.

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Location: Redfield Way, NG7 2UW

Student Ticket price: £7.75

Boasting a massive 12 screens, the Showcase is just around the corner from campus and is surrounded by a host of restaurants, a bowling alley/laser tag complex, and a casino. Slightly hidden but just round the corner from University Park’s South Entrance, Showcase offers an immersive experience and a huge selection of films to enjoy.

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Location: The Corner House, 29 Forman Street, NG1 4AA

Student Ticket price: £7.30

Situated in the very heart of the city, and with 14 screens including Nottingham’s only IMAX screen, Cineworld’s range of films is almost unparalleled, offering everything from major blockbusters to Special Event screenings. The surrounding Corner House complex also has a huge range of restaurants and experiences, including a Crazy Golf course.

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Broadway Cinema

Location: 14-18 Broad Street, NG1 3AL

Student Ticket price: £5.50

The true home of Nottingham’s cinematic culture, Broadway is the place to find the niche and the unusual. An independent cinema that offers a breath-taking array of indie films, foreign language films, and Event screenings, as well as the blockbusters. Broadway is also the epicentre of many of Nottingham’s film festivals and events.

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Screen 22 

Location: 25 Broad Street, NG7 3AP

Something of a hidden gem, Screen 22 is a stone throw away from Broadway cinema. Usually only used for private hire screenings, Screen 22 is the self-proclaimed ‘smallest cinema in the world’ with a mere 22 seats (clever name eh?) within.



Mayhem Film Festival – 15th-18th October

Classic screenings, previews, and special guests are just some of the exciting things going on in this year’s Mayhem Film Festival. With Broadway at the heart of the festival, it will be a truly fantastic weekend of film. We’ll be there, will you?

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Beeston Film Festival – 19th-21st February

The Beeston Film Festival returns for its second year. Though little has been announced about the next festival, the last one was a huge success, showing over 60 short films from over 20 countries. This success is expected to be repeated in February so it is well worth keeping an eye out for news.

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Film Clubs

Nottingham has a thriving film community, with clubs screening everything from cult classics to concert films and everything in-between. Many of the clubs are centred around Broadway, and frequent collaborations lead to many exciting entertainment opportunities.

As you can see, there is a huge range of cinematic opportunities available in Nottingham. So go on, get involved, and have a fantastic year!


Henry Stanley

Image: blinkingidiot via Flickr

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