New £3 billion fire broadband roll-out comes to Nottingham

To celebrate the roll-out of their all new £3 billion fibre broadband in Nottingham, Virgin Media set up a ‘high speed selfie booth’ in Nottingham City Centre on Tuesday 13th October. Impact went along to find out why the roll-out is important for University of Nottingham students, and to try out the selfie booth.

Since early this September, Virgin Media has been rolling out its broadband extension in Nottingham, aiming to bring super swift Wi-Fi speeds to four million homes across Britain, with some residents already benefitting from the change.

In the past, many second and third year students, especially in the Lenton area, have complained that access to efficient internet is not always easy to come by.

“Virgin would be ‘hands down the fastest provider in the UK”

However, that is set to change. Virgin Media Spokesman Taylor Murphy stressed that with this new roll-out, Virgin would be “hands down the fastest provider in the UK”.

He told Impact: “With the new roll-out and innovations made, we are looking at connection speeds of 200 MB/s which is much higher than Sky, BT and other competition”.

Taylor also shared that students interested in benefitting from the scheme have the power to do so.

By visiting and entering their postcode, students will be able to find out if their postcode is due to be cabled. If not, students can simply request it.

 Liam Kenny

Image: Provided by Liam Kenny from the high speed selfie booth

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