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Trailer Watch – Jane Got a Gun

Jane Got a Gun is a modern take on the classic Wild West genre. It brings audiences a reversal of the Western’s traditional gender roles, with Natalie Portman slinging a gun like a pro and going after the outlaw gang who attacked her husband.

This is the first look at a film which seemed destined to never make the big screen. After endless casting changes and a director swap, it finally completed filming in 2013, only to be shelved because Relativity Media could not afford to distribute it. Unlike most trailers these days, Jane Got a Gun doesn’t give away the entire plot, reveal its snappiest one-liners, or hint so heavily at the ending that only the densest viewers need to see the movie to figure it out.

It is unclear what the driving force of the plot will be, as several story-lines compete for our attention during the two-minute trailer. The dramatically delivered ‘Where. Is. My. Child?’ leaves us with the impression that the kidnap and rescue of Jane’s daughter (though she is shown only once) is the main story-line. However, much of the trailer is devoted to showing the complicated relationship between Portman and Joel Edgerton’s characters, whose unresolved romantic history is made clear through clips of flashbacks and poignantly delivered one-liners.

Whether Jane Got a Gun is Hollywood’s first Wild West love triangle or a more traditional rescue mission, if the film is as tense and action-packed as the trailer promises, we’ll be glad it made it out of post-production purgatory.

Jane Got a Gun is set for release in February 2016.

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