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Trailer Watch – Ronaldo

At last it is here. The film that the world has been waiting for: The Cristiano Ronaldo biopic. 

Ronaldo will tell the dramatic story of Cristiano Ronaldo and his dramatic rise to second best footballer in the world, behind the evil Messi who is clearly the villain of this dramatic tale.

From the trailer, we get a brief glimpse of the heart breaking decision of Ronaldo’s mother to let her son leave his home in order to play football professionally. This incredible sacrifice allowed Ronaldo to become one of the highest paid footballers of all time.

The poster says ‘From the makers of Senna and Amy’, two exceptional biopic films, with at least two key similarities. The most obvious one is that Senna and Amy have complete stories to tell. The second is that both their stories ended in tragedy. Amy Winehouse lost her life to alcohol poisoning and Senna lost his to racing.

Who is asking for the incomplete story of one of the wealthiest footballers in the world? Is there a story? Where is the draw, where is the relatability, and where is even the likability? I’m sorry Ronaldo but it certainly is not here.

Ronaldo hits cinemas on the 9th November.

Glenn Tanner

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