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Trailer Watch – The Boy

This is undoubtedly the scariest and weirdest trailer I have ever watched. Directed by William Brent Bell (The Devil Inside) and starring Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead), this film models itself on the popular horror movie cliché – ‘possessed item’ that wants to kill everyone. However, this film takes a strikingly darker route. At approximately 0.23 seconds in we realise this ‘little boy’, whose parents have enlisted the help of a nanny, is actually a creepy looking doll. I’ve got chills already.

The trailer opens with the typical horror trope of a dark, isolated, haunted-looking house, which is reminiscent of Eel Marsh House from The Woman in Black. Initially, it seems that the ‘parents’ of this doll are just insane, until you get to about halfway through the trailer. Then we realize this doll is by no means inanimate.

These ‘insane’ parents don’t seem to be crazy after all, and actually do a good job of laying their haunted doll-child into someone else’s hands. Good job mum and dad. Overall, this one looks to be a shocker. If you’d love to see a movie about a doll that seems to be possessed by the ghost of a murderous child, then this will be perfect for you. However, I for one will be sure to avoid it, watching the trailer was enough for me.

The Boy opens in cinemas on 22nd January 2016.

Larissa Rowan

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