Vintage Kilo Sale Review

A few Saturdays ago Braderie hosted a vintage sale at Bodega. The tag line of ‘£5 for a kilo’ definitely grabbed my attention, and I knew I had to be there. On first approach the line extended all the way down Lace Market, seemingly no end in sight. Rather than give up I killed some time by looking around some of lace market’s other gems, as well as having a cheeky little look in Cow. And after a while the line decreased, and it didn’t take long to get inside.

Walking into Bodega looked like a vintage explosion, clothes on the floor, bar top and seating area. People digging for bargains where ever they could get it. At first, it was a bit difficult to get pass the dedicated bargain hunter but with a bit of a ‘friendly’ elbow nudge I was able to get passed the crowds and find the gems I was looking for. By the end of my rummage I was able to get 4 stand out pieces for a fiver, which was pretty decent.

For those who have caught the vintage bug there are loads more upcoming event which I’m sure you will love:

  • Lady Bay Vintage Market Sat 28 November – All Hallows Church Halls, Pierrepont Road
  • The Christmas Sunshine Vintage Bazaar, Sat 21 November – Galleries of Justice

Theresa Awolesi

Image Credits: Theresa Awolesi

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