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Ad Watch – John Lewis ‘Man on the Moon’

Shops can stock as many Christmas cards and gifts as they want and as early as they want, but Christmas never truly begins until the John Lewis Christmas advert is released. There is only one phrase that could truly sum up this year’s edition; out of this world!

The story follows a young girl called Lily looking up into space and seeing a man on the moon. What makes the advert special is that she tries whatever she can to send a message to him in order to stop him feeling lonely. John Lewis is known just as much for its catchy covers used; “Half the World Away” originally by Oasis and performed by Aurora, is a fantastic choice, and fitting to the story. The song brings back fond memories of the BBC series The Royle Family, a show that produced very famous and humorous Christmas specials.

This year’s advert doesn’t use any cute animals or catchy slogans, instead it wins people over by pure, honest storytelling, and a great song of course.

Luke Norman

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