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Ad Watch – Sainsbury’s ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’

Last year, retail giant Sainsbury’s retold the touching true story of enemy soldiers during World War One, who met in no-man’s land to share food and play football, as a reminder to us that ‘Christmas is for sharing’. Continuing with this theme, Sainsbury’s have returned this Christmas, with a definitively more light-hearted, comical and at times heart-rending advert, featuring children’s favourite Mog the Cat.

The advert, alongside its feline protagonist, is mischievous, mental and mad about eggs (who knew this was a cat’s favourite food?), as the clumsy Mog manages to cause havoc whilst fast asleep, burning the turkey (why is it already in the oven?), and causing smoke damage to her owner’s home. All looks bleak, but, as this is Christmas after all, it would be sacrilege for the advert not to have a happy ending. Crisis is averted as somehow, whilst Mog is flying round on ceiling fans, and causing Christmas trees to disintegrate, the cat inadvertently managed to call the fire brigade, who appear to save the day. Not to mention the arrival of the kindly neighbours who miraculously restore the house to its former glory, manage not to trip over the inconveniently placed Mog, and bring plenty of food all in time for Christmas dinner, combining to create a simple advert that enforces Sainsbury’s message – that Christmas is, indeed, for sharing.

This advert has fast become a favourite for children and adults, due to the character of Mog, based on Judith Kerr’s 1970’s children’s books. (Fun fact, Kerr herself appears in the advert as the Thomas’ neighbour!) And, I hate to say this, but with the related merchandise in store (I myself may have already bought Mog’s Christmas Calamity in book form from Sainsburys…), and the fun-filled contents of the advert, Sainsbury’s offering this year may just top John Lewis’ slightly depressing Man on the Moon, to clinch the top spot of Christmas ads.

Amy Wilcockson

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