The Guaranteed Ways to Lose Money Fast at Uni

Already spent all your student loan? You’re not the only one. We’ve all done at least one or two of these at some point during our time at uni, so stop regretting that extra night out which took you into your overdraft and embrace the fact that other people can relate to your money draining problems.  

Buying impulsively when you see an offer

A trip into town isn’t complete without a trip to the shops. It’s finally past the stage of being able to walk onto campus in just a T-shirt and you need a new jumper to see out the cold winter months. But wait, you’ve spotted a deal – 2 for £20! Well, it won’t hurt to spend some extra cash on that beautiful looking knitted cardigan…. will it…?!

Spending money on coffee at the Starbucks/Costa on campus

When there are so many coffee shops on campus it’s hard to resist the urge to splash out on a hot drink to warm yourself up on a cold winter day. Starbucks have a prime spot in the library café and once the coursework deadlines hit you’ll inevitably be drawn in by the strong smell of caffeine.

Having to buy books for your course


That enormous textbook which is a core text for one of your modules has a hefty price tag when you look on Amazon, but without it you’ll be involved in the fight for loans from the library all semester. If you’re an English student you can definitely relate to the feeling that you’re spending half of your money on books for your course. 

“It’s hard to resist the urge to splash out on a hot drink”

Travelling back home by train

 It’s been a few weeks and you decide to head back home to see the family – after all how can you really resist the opportunity to enjoy some home cooking again?! You go online thinking that by booking two weeks in advance you’re going to snag a bargain – alas, to your horror the price of a ticket is more than double your weekly food bill. And when there’s multiple train changes involved, the idea of returning home suddenly doesn’t seem quite so attractive.

Multiple club nights in the same week


Oceana on Monday was a great start to your week. After a day’s break, your friends are eager to go hard again on Wednesday at Crisis, and despite some reservations about the cost of yet another night out, you decide to tag along. By the time Friday rolls around, you don’t want to miss the chance to let your hair down at the end of a long week by taking a dip in the Ocean; the end result being a dip into your overdraft.

“The price of a ticket is more than double your weekly food bill”

Post night out food

Having blown most of your cash on shots and Jägerbombs, you stumble out of the club after the doors close and go on the hunt for some fast food to soak up the alcohol and ease the cravings. The Happy Meal at McDonald’s may only cost £2.50 but do this more than a couple of times each week and both your overdraft and your stomach will be expanding.

Danny Ward

Featured Image: William Warby via Flickr; Embedded Images: flickr; University of Nottingham Student Blog

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