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Trailer Watch – Captain America: Civil War

Phase 3 is about to commence for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and as we see more and more characters being introduced and developed, it looked inevitable for a divide to eventually form in the team.The initial problem with the trailer was the amount of different cast members/superheroes present, whether they were main or supporting, it’s expected of The Avengers (known for being a large group) but for a Captain America film it feels unusual. Civil War also has the huge task of introducing two new characters; Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Spiderman (Tom Holland), who are both highly anticipated but could overshadow the overall plot if used too prominently.

On the plus side, Civil War feels very similar in style to The Winter Soldier, which is thanks to the Russo Brothers who are back to direct. They make sure to include lots of the political background themes needed and avoid the association with the title ‘Avengers 2.5’. The trailer avoids the many mistakes made by the Age of Ultron counterpart which dominated the trailer with an abundance of explosions and mass robot fight scenes, instead it produces some very emotional shots; for instance, Iron Man knelt beside an unconscious War Machine and looking at him as a friend rather than a colleague.

Captain America: Civil War will be the thirteenth instalment of the MCU but will it be a fight for seats? Or will the audience be flying the white flag at Phase 3 early? Find out for yourself when it opens in cinemas in 2016.

Luke Norman

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